Rasmus Brandt



Peer-Reviewed Publications

Journal Papers

V. Yajnanarayana, K. E. G. Magnusson, R. Brandt, S. Dwivedi, P. Händel, "Optimal Scheduling for Interference Mitigation by Range Information", IEEE Trans. Mobile Computing, vol. 16, no. 11, pp. 3167-3181, 2017.

R. Brandt, R. Mochaourab, M. Bengtsson, "Distributed Long-Term Base Station Clustering in Cellular Networks using Coalition Formation", IEEE Trans. Signal Inf. Process. Netw., vol. 2, no. 3, pp. 362-375, 2016.

R. Brandt, R. Mochaourab, M. Bengtsson, "Globally Optimal Base Station Clustering in Interference Alignment-Based Multicell Networks", IEEE Signal Processing Lett., vol. 23, no. 4, pp. 512-516, 2016. Simulation source code.

R. Brandt, M. Bengtsson, "Distributed CSI Acquisition and Coordinated Precoding for TDD Multicell MIMO Systems", IEEE Trans. Veh. Technol., vol. 65, no. 5, pp. 2890-2906, 2016. Simulation source code.


R. Brandt, M. Bengtsson, "Joint Coordinated Precoding and Discrete Rate Selection in Multicell MIMO Networks".

Conference Papers

R. Brandt, M. Bengtsson, "Fast-Convergent Distributed Coordinated Precoding for TDD Multicell MIMO Systems", IEEE Int. Workshop Computational Advances in Multi-Sensor Adaptive Process. (IEEE CAMSAP'15), 2015, pp. 457-460. Simulation source code.

R. Brandt, R. Mochaourab, M. Bengtsson, "Interference Alignment-Aided Base Station Clustering using Coalition Formation", Asilomar Conf. Signals, Systems, Computers (Asilomar'15), 2015, pp. 1087-1091. Best Student Paper Award (2nd Prize). Simulation source code.

R. Mochaourab, R. Brandt, H. Ghauch, M. Bengtsson, "Overhead-Aware Distributed CSI Selection in the MIMO Interference Channel", European Signal Process. Conf., Algorithms for Distributed Coordination and Learning Special Session (EUSIPCO'15), 2015, pp. 1043-1047. Invited.

R. Brandt, E. Björnson, M. Bengtsson, "Weighted Sum Rate Optimization for Multicell MIMO Systems with Hardware-Impaired Transceivers", in Proc. IEEE Int. Conf. Acoustics, Speech, Signal Process. (IEEE ICASSP'14), 2014, pp. 479-483. Simulation source code.

R. Brandt, P. Zetterberg, M. Bengtsson, "Interference Alignment over a Combination of Space and Frequency", in Proc. IEEE Int. Conf. Commun. Workshop Beyond LTE-A (IEEE ICC'13), 2013, pp. 149-153.

R. Brandt, H. Asplund, M. Bengtsson, "Interference Alignment in Frequency - a Measurement Based Performance Evaluation", in Proc. Int. Conf. Systems, Signals and Image Process. (IWSSIP'12), 2012, pp. 227–230.

R. Brandt, M. Bengtsson, "Wideband MIMO Channel Diagonalization in the Time Domain", in Proc. IEEE Int. Symp. Personal, Indoor, Mobile Radio Commun. (IEEE PIMRC'11), 2011, pp. 1914-1918. Simulation source code.


R. Brandt, "Distributed Coordination in Multiantenna Cellular Networks", Ph. D. thesis, KTH Royal Institute of Technology, Sweden, 2016.

R. Brandt, "Coordinated Precoding for Multicell MIMO Networks", Tech. Lic. thesis, KTH Royal Institute of Technology, Sweden, 2014.

R. Brandt, "Polynomial Matrix Decompositions: Evaluation of Algorithms with an Application to Wideband MIMO Communications", M. Sc. thesis, Uppsala University, Sweden, 2010.

Other Publications

As part of my involvement in the FP7-FET project HIATUS, I co-authored three technical deliverables:

During my internship at CMC Microsystems the summer of 2009, I wrote two application notes:

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