Rasmus Brandt



My research interests lie in the intersection of statistical signal processing, mathematical optimization, and distributed algorithms.

My Ph. D. research revolved around interference alignment and related techniques for improving the spectral efficiency of wireless networks through base station cooperation. In particular, I have been working on base station clustering, distributed channel state information acquisition, and weighted sum rate optimization for transceivers with hardware impairments. For more details, see my publications, or for a general introduction to the field, see the first chapters of my Ph. D. thesis.

International Research Projects

During my Ph. D. studies, I was involved in the HiATUS (enHanced Interference Alignment Techniques for Unprecedented Spectral efficiency) FET FP7 project. As part of the project, I co-authored technical deliverables, gave presentations at technical meetings as well as helped arranged the annual reviews.

Honours and Awards

Reviewer for International Journals

I am a regular reviewer for journals and conferences in the field, including:

Conference Organization

I was the publicity co-chair of the 16th IEEE International Workshop on Signal Processing Advances in Wireless Communications (IEEE SPAWC'2015). My responsibility is developing and updating the conference website as well as the USB proceedings.

I have also arranged the national KTH Signal Processing Alumni Workshop:

I was a session chair for the "Interference Channels" session at the 49th Asilomar Conference on Signals, Systems, and Computers in 2015.

Student Representative at Docent Lectures

As part of the application to be granted the Swedish academic title of docent, the lecturing skills of the applicant is evaluated by a committee. I have been the student representative in the committee at three such occasions:

Professional Memberships

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